The Way to Hemingway

It’s the weekend already and I still am trying to add my twitter feed to the sidebar of this new site but alas, the commiserating ‘kill pages’ error symbol appears yet again as I follow the instructions to extract a secret code. Time to prioritise then, Twitter feed you are now second in the queue. Just as well really as the #citylis feed is promising a post lecture pub date and there’s something on immersive storytelling from Ludi that threatens to distract me. So, to our module brief regarding my rationale for the site design and layout thus far. The moodle article from the Guardian has really helped me think in terms of the definition of information architecture, defining the user experience as recognising ‘that a good digital service isn’t just about functionality. It is about how people feel as they use a digital service, and about the way it does things, not just what it does.’ 

Choices, choices …. Theme-wise, I seem to have come full circle, through many previews and try-outs. I am very grateful to my fellow students who have been able to publish ahead of time – as a beginner, it’s been intriguing to see which theme formats have been used to translate identity, purpose and style into an individual online presence. The ‘Hemingway Rewritten’ theme originally caught my eye as it seemed clean, simple and allowed for bold visuals, with reference to photography. I also liked the way it appeared on tablet and smartphone formats because of its responsive design.

..and the gift of gifs During our first DITA session, Dr Ernesto Priego mentioned the Guardian article on Kevin Weir’s fantastic reuse of old photography for animated gifs. Therefore, my thoughts turned to the work of the artist David Normal who recently collaborated with the British Library on an exciting project for the reuse of images released to Flickr Commons. For those of you who might enjoy a little mash up, its wonderful stuff. And for me, it’s a breath of fresh air after suffering a rather limited art education as a youngster in the 70’s and 80’s, to see such a wealth of ideas, approaches and resources available to all. Thanks for reading !


One thought on “The Way to Hemingway

  1. Lovely first post Wendy. I really like the gif that you’ve chosen – evokes very pleasant Autumnal feelings! Also thanks for the link to the article about David Normal’s use of Creative Commons images – really interesting read.


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